Hi all,
so my parents eat a majority of their diet very healthy, salads, chicken, some red meat, and then a small amount of chips or treats or popcorn.

I've noticed my parents don't eat much. I eat a ton more compared to them. My mom snacks through out the day, and then for dinner has a small plate of protein and salad. I think she may be eating 1500 cals or way less most days.

I've asked them if they are ever hungry or lethargic and they say no. They work hard at their grocery store, wake up at 5-6 am to get off around 6-7pm. My mom takes a daily short nap. They say they don't get that hungry.

My dad loves to mountain bike and goes for hours with his buddies. So he definitly has a lot of energy.

I'm just surprised by how little they eat during the day. Maybe I should keep track for a few days their caloric intake to see if they really are undereating.

My question is, when people get older, do they require less food? I've felt at times that I should recommend them to eat more but it is not in my place.