I almost forgot to come back and give you guys an update...

I could only eat 1/2 lb the first night, so i had some left over. I took the left over 1/2 lb and threw them on my outdoor grill in one of those veggie pans so they wouldn't fall through the grates. I put just a rub down of oil on the pan to keep them from sticking. I heated them up that way. This time they turned out crisp and toasty and smokey. Much, much better (though I still think they needed my "remoulade.")

So, my guess is that I used too much oil and not enough heat on my attempt with pan frying, and that's what made them soggy. The fault lied with the chef, not the coconut flour.

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well, i tried!

they actually look better than they were (scary, huh?), though they weren't horrible. I used the coconut flour and pan fried them in olive oil. I couldn't get them crispy enough. And the oil in the pan, kept becoming this sticky, gunky mess since I was doing them in batches. I think they would have been better just seasoned and pan fried without the flour. I should have done it both ways, as I was originally thinking. Though, Diana, your suggestion of broiling them probably would have been better too.

They needed something after they were done to make them edible. So i whipped up the homemade "remoulade" sauce. Really just mayo, home-fermented chopped pickles, hot sauce, lemon juice, s & p.

Thanks for your suggestions.