So on the back of last years thread to do an unassisted pull-up

I thought I would see if the idea would run again, but open it to to a more general fitness challange, so if you've not nailed a pull-up yet, get under that bar It it so awsome to be able to lift you whole body weight up just with your arms.

But if that just sounds toooo much for you, then pick another goal to work at, maybe a full push-up, coz these are hard when you are starting from scratch.

Or if you have already been practicing, then set yourself something even harder to aim for, like a pistol squat, or a muscle up, squat your own body weight

Personally I'm going for loads, I made great progress last year and want to keep that going, so I'll be posting my challanges up, one at a time. Please join in, post your progress and any helpful tutorials and links you've found

I'll make a list of names and challanges in the next post, then change the colours and put happy faces in and stuff when you've done it so all can bask in your awsomeness