Hello everyone,

I don't normally throw a new person message out there on forums when I haven't sufficiently stalked it enough but I felt like I needed to put myself out there this time.

My name is Liz and I've been reading up on Paleo/Primal for the last week trying to get a grasp on what it takes to make this lifestyle change. Like many people I've been heavy my entire life and have tried a lot of different things but, again, like many people either the program didn't work or I didn't fully commit. More so the commitment issue. This last year has been a real eye opener for me on needing to make some changes in my life, especially the last few months where I have seen some health issues rising in me that have put some fear of what is to come in me.

My birthday was on the 6th and I decided then that I would put a 100% effort into this for 30 days and see how I feel afterwards. The last time I did a 30 day lifestyle change it was successful and I felt great, but for myself (and my boyfriend who I live with) the plan wasn't something we could stick with (vegan!). We both really enjoy steak too much haha. I felt like this was similar, like going vegan .. but with meat. This appeals to me lol!

We went through our pantry/fridge yesterday and put aside all of our rice and beans and pastas and all the stuff that we wouldn't be able to find 10,000 years ago in nature. Today is our shopping day and day 1 but I'm already a bit frustrated. I think I'm over thinking what to eat in a way though, which I tend to do and also a reason that i'm posting this so I can relax.

I'm a little confused though because I read through the information on this site and tried to take what I could from it and was under the impression that potatoes (except sweet potatoes), rice, and cheese things were off the menu. However when I was looking up recipes to get some ideas I read about people using regular potatoes and even some rice and also cheese and cottage cheese. If someone could shed a little light on this I would be super grateful cause I feel like I'm missing some information somewhere.

Anyway, sorry this was so long! I hope that I can become an active member and my 30 day try out will transform into a real lifestyle change.