Hi All

I'v been near on 95% primal for three months now and love it. I feel great and have lost 22 lbs. I'm now 172lb ( 5'9")

I often get drawn into discussions regarding my weight loss and how I'v done it. Naturally I explain the PB lifestyle and the cutting out of grains from my diet. Most people think the weight loss is great but think I'm nuts for not eating bread.

My calorie intake has dropped dramatically as I don't feel hungry and my usual intake of sugary crap has stopped. So I can't say all of my loss is down to no wheat can I?

I'v checked out the net for more information on the pro's and cons of wheat and recently found this

Wheatophobia: Will Avoiding Wheat Really Improve Your Health? | Wellness Letter

Are these claims a fair statement or just misinformation as per usual in an attempt to deffend the wheat industry?