Hello all.

My question: Will having a couple of tablespoons of heavy cream in my coffee spoil an IF plan where I skip breakfast and lunch? And will a 20-off 4-on eating schedule drive autophagy? (While I need to drop 20-25 pounds, my main interest is in autophagy).

I started doing primal in early 2012, did great until mid-summer, fell off the wagon, and lost a lot of my progress. (My weight on Jan 1 2013 was the same as on Jan 1 2012, but with a lot more muscle, so it wasn't a total disaster, I guess).

So I decided to pick up again at the beginning of the year, and after a few days of research decided to work some IF into my lifestyle. What seems to work best for me is a 20/4 off-on eating schedule, essentially skipping breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday, and then eating a big primal dinner after a workout. Sat-Sun I eat a primal breakfast/brunch with the family in addition to the primal dinner, with a slightly longer/tougher workout.

Doing ADF made me somewhat miserable, but I am enjoying the 20/4 IF plan. I really don't get hungry until dinner, eating the bulk of my calories in my main meal (which consists of just meat, veggies, and a little cheese) is far more fulfilling than distributing them across three meals, I feel great throughout the day, and it saves me a lot of time.

Any guidance/recommendations would be appreciated.