I have some specifics for an app that I'm looking for...I don't want track calories or measure or weight food; been there and done that...doesn't work. Here's what I want to track, rated on a sliding scale of some sort.

- Meal quality...you determine what that means, perhaps you allow dairy, so that's top notch, perhaps you don't.
- Meal size...having a single cookie should be the same as me going on a bad-food bender with a huge meal.
- Meal taste...was that bad meal really tasty and worth it or did that last large perfectly primal meal hit the spot?

Ideally I could track breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (if needed) throughout the day and each day would get an overall rating of some sort. Two apps I already know of:

Meal Monkey

Paleo Viz
PaleoViz: Paleo Food Diary iPhone App*|*PaleoViz

While these are close individually, neither has meal size. Meal Monkey is the one I use now, even though it's geared towards a SAD diet, it's easily usable for paleo/primal however it doesn't have taste either.