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Thread: Minimalistic Shoes Go Medieval

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    Minimalistic Shoes Go Medieval

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    The PaleoBarefoots lets wearers embrace the freedom of bare feet while armoring them with a layer of chainmail.
    The minimalistic shoes were created by the German company Gost, who designed them specifically for trail use. Made of stainless steel chainmail, the shoes are both flexible and durable. According to the company, the PaleoBarefoots will protect the user from rocks and other sharp objects while allowing them to experience the variations of temperature, moisture and ground contours of the trail.

    Interesting New Products and Inventions: Minimalistic Shoes Go Mideaval
    The PaleoBarefootsģ | GoSt-Barefoots and it

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    Interesting. The English site is rather awkwardly translated (from German). I would be curious to feel what they are like on my feet! I imagine they would chafe, as chainmail doesn't retain a shape, so it could easily slide around.
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    I'm trying to figure out what weave they used... it looks like a small-ring-diameter variation on European 4-in-1... but it's nearly impossible to say for certain at that image resolution.

    Edit: Checked the site for the company that manufactures them, and it is definitely a 4-in-1.
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    Snow chains for your feet?!?!

    Might wants some waterproof socks on under for that chill though.

    TBH though I can't imagine wearing them, I'd rather go reall barefoot on trails.
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    I like the idea, but they strike me as feminine for some reason, so I probably wouldn't wear them much.

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    Those look horrendously uncomfortable, unless there is a cloth liner or something on the inside... who wants to have steel chain links rubbing on their skin?

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that wrapping your feet in conductive metal is a GREAT way to get frostbitten in the winter and badly burned in the summer. Not to mention electrocution risk...
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    Electrocution? Really? I'm not arguing that it isn't (almost infinitely) more conductive, but aside from actual electrical/electronics work, how often do you come across an electrocution risk? How about one where shoes matter? The vast majority of electrical hazards that I've come across all involved hands and fingers far more than feet.

    Normally, you're pretty on top of things, Uncephalized, but this is a bit ridiculous.

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    Hmm... I might have a use for them when I'm running around, barely clothed with a bunch of Renn Faire hippies at Wickerman. Luckily I have a friend who makes chainmail apparel, so who knows... I might have a pair in no time.

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    me too.I might have a use for them when I'm running around, barely clothed with a bunch of Renn Faire hippies at Wickerman.

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    I wonder why it specifies to wear them only on trails, not pavement. They do look like they would be nice when you have to cross water but would like some foot protection that then doesn't stay soggy on your feet.

    Bit of a steep price tag though.

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