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Thread: Minimalistic Shoes Go Medieval

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfreaksho View Post
    Electrocution? Really? I'm not arguing that it isn't (almost infinitely) more conductive, but aside from actual electrical/electronics work, how often do you come across an electrocution risk? How about one where shoes matter? The vast majority of electrical hazards that I've come across all involved hands and fingers far more than feet.

    Normally, you're pretty on top of things, Uncephalized, but this is a bit ridiculous.
    Didn't say it was a BIG risk. But yes, that one may have been a bit of a reach...

    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    I wonder why it specifies to wear them only on trails, not pavement. They do look like they would be nice when you have to cross water but would like some foot protection that then doesn't stay soggy on your feet.
    I would guess it has to do with burning your feet--they would heat up really fast on summer pavement. Of course dark-colored rocks can get just as hot so I don't see how staying on trails would really fix that...
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    Consider that this is a German company - I can't speak to each and every inch of the place, but I used to live there and travelled around some while there, and have yet to come across a rock too hot for the tootsies... The place just ain't known for neither its heat waves nor its burning sun.

    This is also the country where it is possible to get those wooden beaded mats for your car seat for its massage effect. I used to have one and liked it. Perhaps there is some of that effect in this footwear going on.

    I have funky taste, and would have zero problem wearing these, fashion-wise. I actually think they are cool. No plastic/rubber recycling problems with these shoes like Vibrams (or my beloved Keene's) either. Interesting!
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