The next recommended step after introducing myself as a primal "newbie."
I'm going to be completely honest with how I do.. so far my breakup with my SAD diet has been rocky.

So here's where it actually gets serious. Reyes is over, my brother's birthday has passed, so I think it's time for me to take the primal regimen seriously and make the break from my carb/sugar addiction. Making this journal, even if no one reads it but me, will help to hold me accountable to myself.
If anyone has suggestions, or advice, or questions to help steer me in the right direction I'd love to hear from you!

So officially...
Day 1 (more or less, haha)
B: café con leche
S: chorizo, jamón, y queso (sort of like a few cold cuts)
L: tortilla de jamón (scrambled eggs with ham bits), ensalada, té con leche, y 2 polverones!

Walking to class, I decided they weren't even worth it because although they tasted pretty good, I STILL (2 hours later) feel yucky-gross and I'm blaming those little sugar bombs.
...and now it's 4pm and I'm going to class. I still feel like there is a brick in my stomach from the 2 polverones, so I'm not planning to eat dinner.. maybe just a taza of tea before bed.