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Thread: Minimalist living

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    Minimalist living

    I had been doing the minimal footprint thing before, but this weekend I really tried to pare my belongings down to the bare essentials. I went through each thing I owned and asked if it was truly essential. If not I threw it out or gave it away. I ended up getting rid of most of my stuff, including most of my furniture. I was pretty gung-ho about this: do I really need more than 2 forks? Nope. Do I really need a chair? Nope, exercise ball will do. Do I really need about 80% of my clothing? Nope, probably won't wear it ever. Shampoo/soap/etc? Haven't had that stuff in months. Microwave? No way! I'm so glad I got rid of that thing. The hardest part was the bookshelf. But I made myself give away any book I haven't read, or read and didn't feel was truly epic. I only have about 20 books now but each one has changed my life in some way.

    So after this purge, all I own in the world is:

    1)two suitcases of clothing
    2)inflatable bed with pillow and comforter
    3)soup pot, utensils & dishes for 2, detergent, sponge
    4)desk, lamp
    5)phone, laptop
    6)free weights, pullup bar, exercise ball
    7)toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, towels, toilet paper, hamper
    8)frozen meat + veggies, eggs, butter, coconut oil
    9)some books
    10)stethoscope, ID badge, pens, USB drive

    That's it! I feel so clean and pure after getting rid of my excess stuff. I feel like this kind of living is in the Primal spirit, after all, Grok had to move from place to place and probably was no hoarder. Wondering if there are any other minimalists or like-minded people here?
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