So I've been completely primal since beginning of the year. I feel great, exercise every day, can maintain a calorie deficit without hunger, all sorts of good things. I slipped up today and I think I know why but if you guys could help me I'd appreciate it a lot...
I had experimented and decided that between my "chronic cardio" triathlon training and a busy schedule as student, volunteer, and waitress that I need between 100-150g carbs to function well. I think I need the higher end. So today I ate 100g carbs (clean, well-spaced) and went to work and it was super busy. I was drained from running up and down stairs/carrying bus tubs etc and craving sugar. I made the mistake of thinking diet coke would be a good alternative. I NEVER drink soda anymore, after kicking a diet soda habit some 7 years ago. I have maybe two a year and always regret it.
Anyway, I drank like 10oz and I swear, I became ravenous. But a weird, sick, not-quite-real, blood sugar type of hunger. I ended up eating like 900 calories worth of chocolate (we had tons of holiday candy lying about). I am annoyed at myself but also curious and would like others' input if you have thoughts.
I remember reading recently and repeatedly that diet sodas affect your hunger signals (ie make you hungry) not by affecting your blood sugar but by screwing up ghrelin levels or some such. I swear I think I just had immediate proof (although I had suspected as much before now). Does anyone else have a reaction like this to diet coke? I think if I had had legitimate sugar I would have even been better off, and been able to have a couple hundred unhealthy calories, rather than a bazillion...
In this situation next time I think I should do the following (am I on the right track?):
a) always take baked potato or carrots (I let myself do starches like that, just no rice, pasta, grain/bread, legumes, fruit, sugar) or something else high glycemic to work, just in case.
b) Don't let my carbs get below 150 on active days (I'd already swam an hour this morning, then class all day, then waitressing).
c) If I'm dying for sugar/something sweet then eat my potato, maybe have some coffee, for energy.
d) neverevereverever drink diet sodas again :P
e) not beat myself up over this: call it the 10 of my 90/10 and try to learn from it

Do you guys have any advice or a similar situation? Thanks in advance for any insight...trying very hard not to be discouraged by losing my calorie deficits today and yesterday Also sad that I think I'll lose that clean sleep I've been getting hooked on, at least for tonight