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Thread: Winter Exercise

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    Winter Exercise

    I'm posting this for a couple of reasons. First, while I'm not entirely sure I buy into the thermogenesis theory, I still nonetheless love exercising outdoors in the cold whether its downhill skiing, mtn biking, or snowshoeing. I have been snowshoeing the most lately since the trails are a bit of a beoutch to bike on right now (waiting for them to set up) and I'm waiting for another powder dump before going skiing. While snowshoeing, I have been wearing as little as possible and try to stay on the uncomfortable side to see if there is anything to this theory, too early to tell.

    The second reason I am posting this is that it appears there are several other members on here that like to hike as well so the sharing aspect is interesting. Lastly, since some think those of us from Maine are a bunch of rednecks (well, some of us are) we at least get to brag about living in a very beautiful area. These pics are from snowshoe expeditions within the last two weeks within walking distance of the house. Most of the hikes are up over mountains that overlook the Atlantic Ocean, so while sweating and paying your dues one is often rewarded with these type of views. Hope those of you who are hikers enjoy.
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