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    Great to see others enthusiastic about exercising outside!

    The Whites would be fun to snowshoe, maybe someday. On the backside of Pleasant Mtn here on the coast on a clear winter's day you can see Mt. Washington.

    One of the pics is from Ragged Mtn so if you've hiked up that mtn you might recognize the pic as that of Penobscot Bay.
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    Exercising out in cool winter. Really not possible. But for fitness we have to do the exercise.So don't you try to get some cool winter jacket from online stores. Just get it and enjoy the cool winter.

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    Your descriptions of winter exersize sound fantastic. We are in the height of summer over here, and some days its just too hot. Our youngest daughter is in Indiana for the year, and loving the snow and winter christmas - she is actually living just down the road from a wee town called Santa Claus !!!
    I too love getting out in the cold in winter - in fact jet boating on the river, with snow down to the edge - is a sight to behold !!!!
    The only thing thou - I have to have warm fingers, warm lower back and warm ears. The rest can just cope as best !!!!!
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    A few of the winter activities I love most here in Maine are cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and winter camping. The woods are just so beautiful and tranquil in the winter. I also go ice fishing fairly often. On good days I get in my sprints running from flag to flag every few minutes, not to mention fish for dinner!

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    Well!!!Most of the people are worried about their extra body weight.Because
    Weight increase in the winter season.According to me in this case
    we should do exercise work for keep the fitness and the health.
    I like these exercise,running,jogging and push ups in winter season....

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