I started a new, awesome office job this summer. A couple months ago, I had to move my desk over by the corner window (nice), but in very close proximity to another co-worker. She always makes a comment when I don't eat lunch. Reminds me when my break-time is, ALL the time, comments on my noisy stomach growling/intestines eating themselves. Today she said "Are you going to eat on your 15 minute breaks (at 9am and 1:30pm), instead of your lunch time (at 11am)? I noticed your stomach doesn't growl anymore." Damn, woman! I need my lunch-time to make art, that's why I've changed my schedule (I'm up at 5am, now don't eat until 9am, instead of fast until 11am). So freaking nosy. Always offering me peanut M&Ms and gluten-free dessert crap. Grrrrrrrrr. Anyone else deal with this shit?