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Thread: Do your co-workers watch you like a hawk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasputina View Post
    I thought yesterday, for a brief moment, that I was going to be able to move my desk, but that offer was rescinded, so now I'm staying put, next to "It's you lunch time, aren't you going to go eat?" lady.
    I think this requires some honesty in the moment. In reply to any comment about your diet, I would say, "You seem to be kind of obsessed about what and when I eat. I am kind of worried about you. Is there something I can do to help you move on?"

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    Where I work, everyone eats much more healthily than the mainstream. Although most eat CW, more than half eat organic, with lots of veg. The boss is vegetarian but accepts all of us and doesn't complain about us eating meat. Several of us belong to CSAs and all shop for healthy foods at the co-op and farmers market. Most of us are very good cooks.

    I WAS the only paleo/primal one there. But they saw me get transformed from being a gimpy, overweight grump to my new, thinner, energetic self. My boss even called me 'radiant'. Most have asked about my diet and two are going to try primal!

    We ask about each other's health, lunches and food choices often. It's one of our favorite topics of conversation.

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    I eat a lot so I don't get bothered about not eating... actually I'm converting the people I work with.
    Plus I'm going to bring my Omega 8006 juicer in to let them all try!

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