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Thread: For those who use baking soda/apple cider vinegar in their hair

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    good.I tried the no-poo for a while but didn't work for my dandruff. It was making my hair very dry and impossible to comb.thanks

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    I've been no poo for a couple of months and really enjoy it. I use a natural bar of coconut oil soap once every couple weeks or so, but that's about it. To take care of dandruff I scrub my head with a short stiff brush every day that I rinse with water (this should also inhibit hair loss).
    Also, on the days I use soap, if I can't wait for my body oils to tame my hair (say I have work or something) I use just a tiny bit of coconut oil warmed in my hands and massaged into my scalp, which works astoundingly well.

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