Hi Everyone! I'm a newbie to PB. I've asked a few questions on here, but today I just need to vent and ask for some motivation.

Here's my life as of late: I'm currently living with my parents right after college to save up and get a place of my own (ASAP). I'm working full time as a teacher in West Virginia (if any of you know the area, you'll know that the consciousness of nutrition here is quite low and we have one of the highest obesity rates in the country). I don't have too much access to high-quality foods that I need for living primal. Of course I can purchase meat and eggs and veggies/fruits etc, but it's somewhat difficult to find reasonably priced food that's organic, grass-fed, antibiotic free...you know the drill. I'm on a fairly low budget. (Is my droning getting to you yet?) Should I be alarmed if I'm eating the right food but the wrong quality? I guess I'm asking for suggestions and I'm ready to rid myself of excuses such as those I've listed.

Can I get some menu suggestions for a low budget? I have the most trouble with breakfast and I'm getting pretty tired of eggs. :/