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Thread: Specific recommendations on Yelllow Lens glasses

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    I also bought the UVEX and they are unusable for me. I wear glasses, and there just isn't any room for accommodation, so still searching on that front.

    I've been making it a habit for the last couple of weeks to turn off all the lights at 10:00 and light my lantern and candles and read for an hour before bed, I feel like this is helping.

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    I bought a pair of computer glasses from Taime(Computer Eyewear & Gaming Glasses - Taime Optics), they claim that this eyewear can filter 97% of blue light as below. It's a little pricy but feel much better when staring in front of the computer.


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    Not sure if these fit the bill for what you want, but I've been a long time, very satisfied wearer of Serengeti Drivers. They are designed primarily for highway use, but have a blue-blocking effect, and lenses that shift from light to dark depending on how bright it is. Not cheap.

    Lens info at: Serengeti | Technology

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