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Thread: "Nature's Candy" and Convenience

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    "Nature's Candy" and Convenience

    I'm falling into the habit of having copious amounts of fruit and cheese during the day, because meat and vegetables don't last in the fridge well and take time to cook, so I only do those at dinner. However it's getting to the point where I have 3 apples and a big block of cheese, maybe 5 oz. I'm guessing all the sugar is a bit much and I'm not getting enough nutrients when the bulk of my calories is from fruit and cheese, but it's so easy to reach in the fridge and eat these things!

    Is it bad to eat like this? Any suggestions for what to eat when you're rushed and want something easy?


    And, I'm 16 and not very active at all- walking about 2-4 miles/day that's it.
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