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Thread: In Search of Greener Pastures

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    In Search of Greener Pastures

    Something has to give. Something has to change. Because frankly, I'm obviously not doing something right. Here I am at 19 years old. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditits. I have miscarried three times in a year. I have no energy. I sleep horribly. I'm constantly fighting depression. I feel like I should be vibrant and healthy at this point of my life, but mostly I feel good when I can slug though a day. I live in a mental fog.
    I found out about MDA a few months ago. It's principles rang true, and I have always felt that diet played a major role in my health issues. But I didn't do it because I was trying to get pregnant and worried that it would be unhealthy to cut grains at that point in my life. But here I am, officially labeled by my doctor as a Recurrent Miscarrier. My TSH is higher than it's ever been.
    So, here's my resolutions for 2013. A year I hope to be full of health, vitality, making peace with my body and a healthy baby.

    1. Completely transition, cold turkey, to Primal. (I started on Saturday).
    2. Go to a Naturopathic Doctor and find out if I have other allergies.
    3. Exercise more consistently.
    4. Lose 12lbs
    5. Get pregnant with a baby that sticks after previous health goals have been achieved!
    Also, here are my stats. I'm not really looking to lose weight, but I want to write them here so I can see if there are changes:
    Weight: 137lbs
    Height: 5'5"
    Bust: 37"
    Arms: 10"
    Neck: 14"
    Waist: 30"
    Hips: 36"
    Thigh: 23"
    Calf: 14"
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