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Thread: If PB is about eating lots of fat (good) then why do we need lean cuts?

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    Yeah, I've given up on pork and poultry entirely except for the wilder gamier varieties such as boar, goose, ostrich, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    I avoid lean meats cause they have little taste and need tons of sauce to make edible anyhow. I'm gonna trust my tastebuds on this one. I use to choke down boneless, skinless chicken breast by the ton at one point. Never again.
    LOL! I am opposite of you Neckhammer, I prefer the lean cuts and I use to boil out the fat from the fattier cuts and use the meat in a soup rich in flavor and with lots of herbs and spices. All those calories that I spare by getting rid of animal fat I take back in eating loads of tasty and healthy fruits instead...

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