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    So first I'm 23 years old I maybe have couple beers every two weeks. Don't judge I have good friend and I enjoy the company and fun.
    Sooo my question is, is there and beers you could recommend for me that is someone what paleo. Or beer with out the wheat in it.

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    There are gluten free beers out there, but honestly, if you are drinking that little it's not worth the hassle. Consider it your 20% and enjoy it.
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    When I was 23, 2 or 3 was the warm-up for the evening festivities! I agree with Damiana.... if that is all you consume, it isn't worth sweating the load over.

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    I mean....go through the 30-60 days of strictness then reintroduce a wheat product to find out if you may or may not be intolerant to gluten. If not then get yourself some Milwaukee's Best and have a good time . If so then you should make the extra effort to find the gluten free stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeatMD View Post
    I maybe have couple beers every two weeks.
    Unless you've got an intolerance to it, I would not worry. As someone has said, treat it as part of your 20% treat.
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    Budweiser makes a sorghum beer called Red Bridge that is gluten free.
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    I drink heavily on the weekends i.e. 7 or 8 pints of Lager both Friday and Saturday nights and usually 1 or 2 glasses of red wine on a Sunday with Roast dinner.

    Its quite obvious that this is over the '20%' but I am not gaining weight, I'm losing it!

    Food-wise I reckon I'm pretty close to 100% Primal.

    Can anyone else share some sensible views on how I'm achieving this excellent weight loss whilst still consuming beers?

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    IMHO, the most "primal" beer would be an unfiltered brew that has the residual yeast in the bottom. Know any homebrewers? Most of them make 100% barley malt beers with no wheat or corn, and you can consume the probiotic yeast on the bottom of the bottle.

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    Enjoy your beers! My best morning cardios usually comes the day after drinking beer, so something good obviously happens...

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    unless you have a sensitivity to it, count it as your 20% (i.e. living a normal life) and move on. enjoy the beer
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