I'm looking for more information about high protein intake and kidney function. We are a high protein, no refined foods, no sugar, raw honey sparingly, raw dairy only (and only when we can get it) type of diet for a few years now. I've had 4 kids in 4 years and in the (um... few?) months between pregnancies I bounce back fabulously with pre-pregnancy tone. I know we're nutritionally doing something right, because I am not a gym rat. I'm 22 weeks along with #5 and shoot for 80-100g of protein a day for healthy baby building, however I'm running into a problem. It seems my kidneys are having an issue lately and when looking for kidney friendly foods, animal protein is one that is supposedly difficult to process for kidneys. This seems to coincide with pains and eating patterns. The more protein I eat, the more kidney pain I have. If I slack off to no meat and almost fasting (because of the pain) it goes away. Load up on meat, it comes back. This is devistating news to me, because I have always needed meat to feel full. Red meat, mostly. Anything else and I'm starving within an hour. Any thoughts would be welcome. I should also say that we don't go to dr's. We make every effort to solve health problems with nutrition, herbs, essential oils and homeopathy. This just has me stumped. Thanks in advance.