I'm noticing chatter, on various social networking websites, pertaining to the paleo way of eating. Mostly since the new year started, heh. While it's great to see it's becoming a little more mainstream (seemingly), at the same time, it's bringing out ignorant critics. For instance, I saw someone on Facebook inquiring as to why everyone is posting paleo recipes. They asked if it really is a healthier way to eat. Another person snapped, "It's just a fad, it will pass." This isn't the first time I've heard someone say this.Why does it annoy me so much?! Maybe because this is the way we're meant to eat, and it's not fleeting ( I did say that to them). I also contacted the original poster, as they were interested in eating healthier. The real deal. Not the conventional "healthier." Anyway, that is all. I seriously dislike this way of eating being called a fad. I'll get over it.