You know, I've given this some thought, because I've had quite a few people approach me lately and tell me they wanted to "go Paleo" for "New Year's." Obviously they're looking at Paleo as a quicker-fix weight loss diet, and they're hoping it gets them to their magic New Year's resolution weight. And when people approach it like this, it does make it seem like a "fad."

But then I remember where I was a year ago. The exact same place. Desperate to drop my excess baby weight before Easter. Willing to try anything to get there. Discovered Paleo through a Google search. Decided it was worth a shot, even though it sounded crazy to my "conventional wisdom" way of thinking. Fast forward a year and I've learned that Paleo is so much more than a diet.

So I still encourage my friends/family to jump on this bandwagon, even if THEY think it's just a fad, because who knows? Maybe after a month or two of Paleo living, they'll learn what it's really about.