I recently started eating Primal (7 weeks ago) and since I've started I feel worse than I did before. I'm about 15lbs overweight so I wanted to lose some weight and generally just feel better day in and day out. I was pretty healthy before going Primal. (No processed foods, fast food, etc) and still felt a bit sluggish so I decided to go Primal. Recently I've felt even more sluggish, anxiety, random aches and pains, chest pains (short spurts) and generally less healthy. I even visited the doctor and he thinks that I'm struggling with GERD and gave me nexium (which I didn't take). I thought that primal/paleo diets get rid of gerd but that's another topic all together.
So, my longwinded questions is: Have you had anyone that had similiar effects after going primal/paleo? And do you have any suggestions or common mistakes that people make when making the switch from a normal diet to paleo? I just don't feel very healthy and really want to feel ALIVE again!
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.