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Thread: STILL thinking of taking the plunge

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    STILL thinking of taking the plunge

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    In my earlier post I mentioned I was thinking of taking the plunge - but committed to keeping my promise to myself which meant sticking to my WW program and recording my points there.

    Wanna know how my week worked out?

    I've been averaging 45% of calories from fat, 25% from carbs and 30% from protein. I've ditched all-out cardio workouts in favour of longer & funner walks and bike rides through my local provincial park. I've eaten an avocado everyday - even though I said I had no I eat what would happen to a person who consumed such a crazy amount of heavenly delicious avocados.

    I've dropped a kilo (2.2lbs) and I feel pretty good. Its a relief not to be constantly thinking about food, and its a relief not to be constantly cooking, chopping, preparing, snacking, exercising, and as a result not having much time for fun & relaxation.

    WW says I'm slightly over my daily & weekly points allowance (because of the higher fat content, I'm sure. Fitday calculates my daily calories burned around 3,000 and my daily calories consumed around 1700.

    Given that I'm 187cm tall (about 5'11) and weigh 96kg (210lbs) - its been a struggle and source of frustration to keep my daily calories below 1500 (per WW) and not see any meaningful movement on the scale for months on end.

    At this point, I'm already waist-deep into PB - so forget the plunge. I'm already in.

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    Yay for the plunge! Congrats on going whole hog. WW has been good to some people at some times, but in terms of permanent results, nothing beats heeding the reality of two million years of homonid evolution.

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    Hah! Welcome aboard - or should I say into the Primal Blueprint pool. Always room for more likeminded people
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