I'm pondering massage therapy as a career choice and I was just hoping to get some accounts and opinions on things before I go applying for schools.
-Do you find that the career of massage therapy fits well with your primal lifestyle?

-What kind of earnings can you expect to make within reason, and do you need another part time job?

-How difficult is it to build a good clientele?

-How important is it to get a comprehensive education? Some schools offer 800 hour programs($13,000) and others offer 650 hour programs($6,000). Does it really matter, can I make up the deficit with continuing ed?

-How difficult is it to get licensed by different states?

-Is it more difficult being a man in this field? I noticed that the vast majority are women.

- Is there anything I should know before I pursue this profession?

Thanks so much for your time, I really appreciate any help I can get!