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Thread: Why arguing with 30bananas people is pointless...

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    Aside from that, plants are living, too, and fruit are their fertilized eggs. They're sweet so that creatures eat it, let it pass through the digestive system as a primary incubator, and expel it in a different area to spread.

    Raw fruit/veggies are actually alive when you eat them. We, at least, kill our food before we eat it.

    It amazes me that some people can't see that living things require other living things to sustain themselves. There's not a creature on Earth that doesn't consume what is living or once was living.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kochin View Post
    I find that's the "fruitarian/raw vegan" paradox. Many vegans could safely argue they're using less resources and killing less animals than meat-eaters. Especially if said vegans eat minimal grain, eat locally, eat seasonally and grow some of their own food. But fruitarian-style vegans are in a funny category.

    As most of them can't eat locally (Wales, for example, isn't well know for bananas in Winter), they must buy supermarket foods. This means: animals are killed to create space for the crops, small animals and insects are killed by pesticides, animals are killed in harvesting, fish is killed in transporting it. Also, not eating seasonally or locally, they're using more fuel to get it home, leaving a larger carbon-footprint and altering the environment. Then factor in the fact slaves or ridiculously underpaid workers may have been employed, as most countries that can grow fruit in mid-Winter aren't exactly well-known for treating low-level workers well.
    Now also consider that, due to the sheer volume of food they're eating, they're actually consuming more resources than meat-eaters who eat corn-fed meats. (Most animals aren't fed the parts of grain used in human food anyway, but some vegans argue that the food put towards animals would've gone to feeding humans. HOWEVER, a fruitarian is eating four to five people's worth of fruit and veg at least. A meateater eating corn-fed meat, if you only factor-in the corn that was actually edible to humans, is using far less food-resources. A meateater eating pastured or silage-fed animals is using one person's worth of food.)

    We have a group of people indirectly killing animals, exploiting workers, destroying forests, using up resources and leaving a carbon footprint. Yet most still think they carry the "Vegan Halo of Goodness" for not "endorsing" use and slaughter of animals. Not endorsing doesn't matter if your lack of "support" for the meat industry kills more animals than eating chicken thighs would.
    Indeed. Raise yourself a cow to 1000lbs, slaughter, you have plenty meat for the entire year. It's simpler, and definitely uses nothing close too how much land fruits use. And many are very high water content and low in calories anyway so I someone who find the time to do the math on land used/calorie value compared to fruits and beef, we would have some good legitimate and meaningful statistics right there.

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    A couple of years ago I was in charge of creating a menu for a fundraiser dinner where the focus would be on local foods. We had a range of 100 miles. I came up with a tasty menu that had meat and vegetarian options, no vegan options because we do not grow any legumes and very little grain in our county. In addition the olive oil available was very expensive (so I used it sparingly) much cheaper to use animal fats. I'll be darned if I wasn't hounded by the Vegan Avenger and accused of excluding her from the event. She didn't seem to get the fact that the event was a fundraiser, meaning that the idea was to attract the most people possible and not to cater to individual dietary restrictions not to mention the fact that we were supposed to be highlighting local farmers. Honestly a vegan would starve to death if they had to eat locally where I live.

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    Hey, the 30BAD folks avoid added sugar, stay away from grains and eat real food, not "food products". That part sounds good. I happen to believe they'd benifit from some protien and a little less sugar, but if the're happy, let them be. Sad truth is that the population is to large for everyone to feast on grassfed beef anyway.

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