Hey guys. I have been around here for a bit now, and have been on the wagon since Halloween. I had a few studder steps during the Christmas holiday, but overall I have been in the right direction. I have gone from 276lbs to 255lbs in this time. As for my eating I am 100% grain free, still some dairy(not too much), some dark chocolate(not too much), and a couple of glasses of red wine a week. Currently supplement with multivitamin, fish oil, and probiotics.

Earlier this year I started having blood pressure problems with an average BP of 145/95ish and the doc put me on lisinopril. After starting Primal I was able to drop the BP med. Now my BP is running around 130-135/78 average. I know this is not horrible, but I know it could be better.

What I am asking from you guys Is any advice you can offer from similar experience, or anything I can do to make this BP even better. I had heard that drinking hibiscus tea can be beneficial.

Thanks in advance.