Hi all

I'm Rebecca, I'm 27,married with 2 children (4 and 7 months) and I am overweight and maybe slightly confused

This time last year I was rushed into hospital for emergency surgery for a suspected ectopic pregnancy - no ectopic pregnancy just a twitchy knifed registrar slightly over enthusiastic to tell me I was going to die *rolls eyes* anywhoo I did need further surgery and a month in bed following that surgery and a miscarriage, less than 6 months later I am pregnant with baby number 2. Now this is the interesting part..... I am 5ft 1 (and a quarter!!!) and I did weigh 9st but I developed gestational diabetes and gained a whopping 6 stone. I have lost 4 and half stone but would love to be at a healthy weight and a smaller size if I am honest. I am going to Los Angeles this year to see family and I am not going to be the over weight and more importantly the unhealthy one in the pictures.

Now, I had it all sussed I was going to do the Dukan diet, lose 1000lbs in 1 week and be in a size 10 in a month, but, I have been warned due to surgery, pregnancy and weight gain this would shock my body and do me no good. So here I stand (sit, laptop on knee and glass of wine in hand) with hubby ready to go shopping and is just awaiting my shopping list before he leaves and I am stuck!
I have searched the recipes, downloaded the books and here I sit unsure of where to begin! Throw into the mix that my plans to get back to yoga and pilates have been scuppered by breaking my wrist and I am hoping some poor soul will take pity on me and give me a guiding shove

With diabetes in both mine and my husbands families this change is important, I am just stuck!