I was stumbling around the interweb today and came across "breath walking." There's a five minute video HERE.

The basic premise is that one should take a breath in through the nose in four equal parts and then breath it out through the mouth, again in four equal parts, all done in time to the walking pace. A study at MIT states that this has health benefits. The idea is based on a Yoga system. One addition to the breathing and walking is to touch each finger of the hand to the thumb in time to the breathing to stimulate accupressure points. If that isn't enough for us men who don't multi task, Tony Robbins recommends chanting in time too. "I love my wife, I love my life. I am haa-pee" and motivational stuff. I am presuming one can chant quietly so as not to get locked up for being a nutter, although it does have to be verbalised and not just thought about.

You're supposed to get straight up and do this first thing in the morning as part of a new lifestyle routine. The medical evidence that I have found so far is positive so I shall be giving breath walking a go whenever I walk anywhere. I won't get up and do it straight away as I have to take my wife a cup of tea in bed.....

Anybody else prepared to try it?