Hi everyone

Best wishes for 2013!

I've been on and off PB for the past year and in the process gained about 3kg (from 64 to 67) and want to get back on track - my aim is to get down to 55kg but much more than the weight i want to stop getting sick. I've got asthma and its been very well controlled for the past few years but i had asthma related bronchitis three times in the past year and its seriously debilitating/annoying ... i end up choking and coughing for about two weeks, not sleeping, being off work for a few days at a time and struggle for a few weeks to get back to the gym and then taking ages before i can get back to my previous fitness level. My doctors only prescribe steroids and antibiotics which i want to avoid.

I've been primal for about 3 years (80-90%) i exercise about 3-4 times a week and i havent smoked in 10 years, I take an asthma preventer pump daily.

I know i cant expect medical advice what i would like is advice on foods to avoid ... i've been told that animal proteins are mucus forming? ... is this true and has anyone had similar experiences and suggestions on how i can prevent getting sick without taking tons of meds.

I am so looking forward to a healthier, happier new year and wish you all the same.