Hello out there.... echo
I am now on day 6 of eating strictly(ish) primal..
As I said in my introductory post I have been flirting with primal for the past 9 months, however in the lead up to christmas (eh will since mid october) it all went out the window. So as of January 2nd (no point trying to start on the 1st with a hangover) I have been a dedicated cave woman!
Despite giving in to temptation over the weekend and having some choccies and stealing some (read a lot) of my boyfriends fries I have managed to lose 1kg. Score!
This week could prove to be a bit of a tough one as I am feeling a bit delicate and feminine (catch my drift), but so far to my suprise I actually havent been hungry at all today, didn't eat my nice primal lunch, or the 2 boxes of chocolates my cruel work colleauges have left open litterally within arms reach of me. Funny I havent even thought about them till now...
So had my dirty fry up (as we would say at home in ireland) this morning of bacon, mushroom and tomato. Planning on having some steak and salad tonight if I am hungry.
About to leave work and head out for a dip in the ocean and possibly a good walk up the headland if it cools off a bit- it was about 30C today and supposed to be a high of 43C tomorrow- yowza!
Anyway hoping this forum will keep me in line- I know I am being watched...