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    So, one of our Primal goals is to reduce the number, duration and severity of insulin spikes through out the day, correct?

    This got me thinking. How can we increase the amount of glucagon our body utilizes? I know that in fasting, our blood sugar would dip and cause the desired response.However, are there any other ways to master this hormone response?

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    As a diabetic with "leaky liver" I release glucagon all the time which causes my blood sugars to stay elevated and ultimately leads to increased insulin resistance. All of that is my long way of saying why would you want to?

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    From the way I understand it (and I could be completely wrong) that if you put some of your storage (fat and sugar) into your blood stream, your body can use it more readily.

    I am just trying to learn more about the hormones that would help with weight loss.

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