Hey all,
I'm leaving for a 6-8 month deployment next week on an aircraft carrier and I've been pondering how I'm going to continue my Primal eating while underway. The food the Navy serves nowadays is nowhere near Primal. They follow government regulations and the "food pyramid" when it comes to feeding us Sailors. I guess I'll just suck it up and revert to more of a low carber for my deployment.

Anyway, while looking online I found something pretty interesting. This is the 1902 General Mess manual and the recipes look pretty healthy (even though a lot of them still call for a lot of flour). At least back then they had a heavy emphasis on meats and veggies. Now, we have pizza nights and the occasional steel beach picnic where they grill up burgers and dogs up on the flight deck. It's amazing how much has changed as far as nutrition goes in a 100 years....

General Mess Manual and Cookbook - 1902