And other parts in that general region.

So, I was browsing through some older MDA posts and I came across these three:

Standing at Work | Mark's Daily Apple

How to Improve Your Posture | Mark's Daily Apple

The Definitive Guide to Walking | Mark's Daily Apple

They got me to thinking... I have mentioned this in other posts before, but I totally agree with Mark on all three of these related issues.

So, a few questions for you guys...

How many of you make conscious efforts to stand more at work, get up and stretch your legs? Do you employ any special strategies to maximize time up from the desk? Do any of you have a standing desk at your office?

How many of you have improved your posture since going primal? What do you think was the most significant factor resulting in such an improvement? Bette back strength from lifting maybe? Less inflammation from a better diet and healthier lifestyle? Because you think about standing up straight more often than you used to?

Do you get your 5,000 steps a day? How do you find time in your busy schedules? Do you try to get extra steps in by getting out of the chair or off the couch at regular intervals and walking around, or is that too much for you to think about and do you just forget that and stick to long hikes when you can fit them in?

And one random question, including both periods of standing AND walking, what is the longest period that you have been on your feet for one continuous period without sitting down, lying down, or anything of the like? If you did squats at the gym in that period you didn't actually sit, so you're still good!