My recent seizure (I think I had one knows for sure), has spurred my IBS into full force. Any epileptics out there have the gut symptoms to boot? I was SOOOOO healthy and have f'd things up with sugar, stress and photosensitivity issues that I didnt take serious enough. I'm dealing with the stress in all areas and think I have that better controlled. I kicked the sugar and most all carbs to the curb nearly immediately. Praying I can reclaim my body in a few weeks instead of a few months. Problem with IBS is that it makes you feel like everything you eat is suspect. Drinking some rooibus tea with coconut oil to up my fat and cutting the leafy greens --- fiber seems to be a menace at this point in time. Tonight's dinner was some ground venison cooked in a bit of lard with Himalayan sea salt---talk about exciting times in the kitchen!