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Thread: Honey, Milk, and Mayo?

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    Hellmann's mayo is probably the only non-primal food I eat regularly, on purpose. I just haven't got as far as making my own. In my overall food consumption its a very small amount of soy/canola oil. If I adhered to the 80/20 rule, it would fall well within that 20%.

    I eat a little honey every day. I put it in tea or drizzle it over plain yogurt & berries. It's heath benefits outweigh its sugar content IMO. But then again, I'm not afraid of a little sugar, and I don't count carbs.

    I tolerate dairy, and I love it, so I eat full fat, good quality sources regularly.
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    I drink milk (2%, organic). Use it in primal fuel shakes, with organic low fat yogurt. Love it...don't care whether it's "allowed" in the diet or not.

    As for mayo...we quit using it LONG ago. Substitute low fat plain yogurt in any recipe that uses mayo. Wow! Much in tuna sandwiches...or to make a great salad dressing: plain low fat yogurt, fresh lemon juice and fresh dill.

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    Use dairy if you can tolerate it! I use organic heavy whipping cream in my coffee. I also whip the heavy cream and add a handful of blueberries as a treat about twice a week. I also fill jalapenos with veggie cream cheese (not low fat) and wrap it with bacon. I would die with out dairy. . . especially cheese! Good luck!

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