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    Improve VO2 MAx..Need help!

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    I have to take a stress test for an upcoming job probably sometime in late february or early march. Would rowing be the best way to improve my max along with some crossfit workouts? If anyone has any ideas please share. I only need to achieve a 41 and my last non VO2 stress test estimated my VO2 somewhere between 43 - 51. I am sure I am fine but I want to make sure. I hate treadmills. THanks!


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    Tabata protocol for sprints. By sprint, I mean "run-as-if-you-will-die-if-you-aren't-fast-enough" kind of running. Treadmills are out for most people.

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    Tabata period. LOL. That kicks my butt. The Insanity workout is pretty good, too.
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    +1 Tabata

    The original study showed that 20s/10s intervals produced a greater change in VO2 max with less time spent per week exercising than steady state cardio. Doing the intervals on anything other than a stationary bike is going to be a departure from the original protocol, but the rowing machine seems to be a popular alternative.

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    tabata sprints is the best for improving Vo2 max according to some research on the subject ; maybe you can find the study linked from Wikipedia
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    Train at high altitudes. If you can't do that. Get yourself Bas Rutten O2 trainer. It looks like a mouth piece that limits your oxygen intake as you workout, making your lungs work harder; or you could also get Elevation Training Mask. You can find both of these on Amazon.

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    + 1 for tabata. a rower would be ok, but i think a stationary bike would be better. you can push hard for the full 20 seconds, and switching back and forth from work to rest is easier. tabata burpees too...they are just about the meanest thing i've ever done. they'll change your perception of how long 4 minutes really is.

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    Exercise specifically for the test. Is it on a treadmill? Walk and run. On a bike? Train on a bike. On a rower? Rowing training it is!

    You body adapts to what you ask of it. Lance Armstrong had an insane VO2max, yet struggled to break 3 hours on his first marathon, which is nowhere near top level running-wise.

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    Viking Warrior Workout, VO2 Max is what it is all about. Plus you don't have to run.....
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    so. i think, you can push hard for the full 20 seconds, and switching back and forth from work to rest is easier.thanks

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