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Thread: Improve VO2 MAx..Need help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winterbike View Post
    Exercise specifically for the test. Is it on a treadmill? Walk and run. On a bike? Train on a bike. On a rower? Rowing training it is!

    You body adapts to what you ask of it. Lance Armstrong had an insane VO2max, yet struggled to break 3 hours on his first marathon, which is nowhere near top level running-wise.
    Exactly this. Your VO2max will only increase appreciably with whatever the stress is that is causing it. It will increase minimally for all other activities, if at all. Expanding on the Lance Armstrong thing, his VO2max is insane *when riding a bike* but not while running. His energy efficiency (which VO2max is a subset of) is trained for riding a bike. While his energy efficiency for running is impacted by riding the bike, he would not be completely efficient for running unless he trained specifically for running and all other things being equal (which they never are). This is more a function of mitochondria rather than the "cardiovascular system," which really doesn't exist.
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