I've been doing a weightlifting program for about 2 years, from which I'd taken a 4 month hiatus over the summer. When my husband and I returned to the gym in the fall, we realized that we'd both lost a noticeable amount of muscle and we kind of felt like we were starting from scratch, which was very disillusioning. Due to his health issues, we've only been doing weights once a week, and I was kind of worried that I'd never get back to where I was pre-summer.

Enter Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga (in a heated 90 degree room).

After 1.5 months of doing these yoga classes 5x/week (75 minutes per class), my back musculature is better than it EVER was at my best (after a year and a half of weightlifting).

My husband saw me doing some assisted chin-ups yesterday and was so shocked at how great the muscles in my back looked that he took a video on his iphone to show me. Last week, I even spotted the vague presence of visible abs, which I've never had in my life.

All yoga is not the same. Some forms are more gentle and restorative. And other types push you to your limit in a way that most people don't associate with yoga.

Just had to put another yoga plug out there because I'm really floored to be seeing these kind of results from yoga, which I'd always thought of as something that mainly focused on flexibility and balance.