Hi all,

after some troubles with Paleo the month before Christmas - i had to assist a very ill friend and drank (for my body) too much red wine..which - now hitting 40 - is really my personal weight thread....must have gained around 3 kilos in that time....i know that it must have something to do also with the increased estrogen (which might no longer be processed in the liver if the liver is occupied with ethanol processing)...this all sounds like an alcoholic, which i am not, i am just talking about around 3 glasses of red wine in that time every night....

now i am 100% strict paleo since 25.12.2012....with lots of vegetables that shall be good for the estrogen (brokkoli etc).... but now i have an extremeley bad PMS (swelling, hurting breasts) at day 13 of strict Paleo)....how can it be that estrogen is now again going up? or is this just normal and the adjustment process takes longer?