My husband and I started living the primal blueprint lifestyle 8/3/12, by the end of October he had lost over 30 lbs and I had lost about 16. We loved it, unfortunately we slipped of the wagon and have gain most of it back. We restated it on 1/2/13. We are taking it slow but after just a few days he states he already feels better and I have already lost 3 lbs. I know it is water but that is ok. The hard part for us will be to become more active, we both are couch potatoes, and the moving more may not really start to much until warmer weather breaks. We both love being outside, but I HATE cold weather. So starting with getting the eating back on track then we will add on to that. Wish me luck My starting weight this time is 126 and I am 5'1". My husband is 6' and weighs about 230. I had been down to 116 and felt great. I just want to feel great again. Today I ate an orange for breakfast, I skipped lunch then for dinner I had bottom round roast, green beans and 1/2 of a potato, I know the potato should have not made it onto my plate but I did make them for my son and 1/2 of one is much better than I used to do when I would eat about 1-1/2 to 2. They are my favorite when cooked with a roast. I have also had some dark chocolate, 4 squares which is a serving size on the package and it was 85%. $ days under my belt this round.