On a completely LEGAL substance too. I wonder if anyone else has had this experience...

As many of you know I am a big fan of yerba mate (in addition to my passion for tea). I've had a TON of mate today. No jitteriness or stomach issues from the mate. I find it hits very gentley while still providing a good boost of energy from the unique combination of caffeine, theobromine, and theophyline it contains. It even seems to relax me most of the time.

But now, today, I've had about eight cups of mate (rebrewed each set of leaves three times until it got weak, so on leaf set three right now). And I fell, kind of... Well... Floaty and out of body. Everything seems to sounds louder, look brighter, and be much more INTENSE than normal, as if I had heightened senses. I kind of like it. Heh.

I've been fasting all day so far, and did do a bit of a lifting workout at the gym today, so those may be contributing to the feeling, and I'm planning dinner in the near future which may take the edge off of it a bit. I'm not starved at the moment though, blood sugar is stable, as far as I know, I'm not sick, and my sleep has been really good lately, so a lack of that can't be contributing either.

I don't know though, I'm doing some research to see if I can find any connection between yerba mate and the sensations I'm feeling now. I've never felt this way from mate before, so I'm not sure if there's any science behind it. Anyone else ever felt like this from mate? Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery intriguing sensation.