I know I am not the only Grok(ette) out there who is type II. I find this creates some special challenges. Come join me in creating a safe place to work out those challenges. Just a brief overview of my story:

family history, me obese since appx 5 years of age, now 46.
I was diagnosed in my thirties and just took meds w/out making a lot of changes. Started taking it more seriously last year and really made an effort to make changes, starting w/ cutting out all processed foods, then finding Wheat Belly which led me to Primal. Dove head first off the wagon somewhere around November and now the damn thing is going too fast for me to get all the way back in. Kinda dangling off the back with my legs kicking.

Whats your story? Any challenges, successes, brilliant insights to share? Let's kick Big D in the ass for 2013.