Well, here I am with the rest of the January Joiners, ready to get my butt into gear! I've been reading on MDA for about 8 months and gently incorporating meat into my diet after being vegetarian for 8 years. So, here I am and I'm hoping that posting here will keep me accountable.

A little additional back-story:
I lost weight in high school (about 30lbs) by running lots and counting calories and becoming a veg. Kept it off for about 1 year, then lost some more thanks to new onset depression. At that point, I was running twice a day, up to 6 miles, eating nothing but salads and apples and popcorn...and I was too skinny. Like <130lbs on a 5'10" frame and stopped menstruating skinny. Gained back the weight, after working on my emotional state and getting into a wonderful relationship with my now husband, and have oscillated between 155-165lbs. Since getting married/starting med school my weight has been between 165-175lbs by eating "whole grain healthy". I'm not unhealthy at this weight, but I don't feel like I am my best. My exercise-induced asthma returned (haven't had that since I was 13) and I just feel very tired and moody. I'm graduating from medical school in May and I want to feel better as I enter into a stressful life-period. I know that the SAD is what causes so many of the illnesses we take care of in the American health system and I don't want to end up quickening my journey like so many of my classmates seem to be doing with their daily doses of McDonald's and binge-drinking on the weekends.


- lose ~25lbs (I feel best around 150lbs, CW=175lbs this morning)
- eat a primal-clean diet for 95% of the time
- eliminate exercise-induced asthma attacks
- manage seasonal depression with diet/exercise
- make some primal friends for support along this journey