My youngest son has been feeling sick every morning for the last 8 (or so) days. He feels weak and sick to the stomach and doesn't feel like eating. He's also very pale, so I can see he's not making things up; he says he has a strange flavor in his mouth and his breath smells. Then a few hours later he starts feeling better and would eat something and by noon he feels good again. My children are not paleo/primal yet, as they still eat some spelt pasta or rice (about once a week) and sourdough bread (approx. 3 slices/day). He eats meat, good fats, some veggies (although I wish he would eat more vegetables) and fruit (mainly tangerines and bananas). They don't eat (sweet) potatoes every day. He has been drinking more fruit juices and lemonade now because of the holidays (visiting people, going places - I don't keep soft drinks in the house).

When I researched his symptoms it looks a lot like ketoacidosis. My SIL also says her daughter used to have the same problem for a while as a child and they would give her coca cola in the morning and she would feel better. I have no intention at all to give my 10-y.o. coke every morning .

Does anyone recognize this? If yes, how can I treat this best, should he eat more carb-dense vegetables, less meat? Or should I just go see a doctor?