Hi all,

Making progress and doing well in the new year - I'm down 2.5 pounds so far.

Even though I'm losing weight and feeling great overall, I still wonder if I'm doing the right thing for my heart health by eating the primal/paleo foods I am focusing on now - eggs, bacon, pasture feed beef/chicken, seafood, and veggies.

For New Year's Day, I made bacon for my family and loved eating it, but then felt guilty about it? I just started eating eggs again because I love them but for the last year avoided them because I have high cholesterol. For the last year I have been on a 40mg statin to bring my total cholesterol down from 270 to 205 - the meds did their job with little to no side effects that I could tell, but I hate taking meds.

So this year I decided to stop taking my statin and will get a blood panel done to see where I'm at now and will check again in three months as I get closer to my goal weight of 175.

It just seems odd to me that I'm eating all the food that I was warned about growing up and I'm losing weight and feel good. I started limiting processed foods/carbs/sugar from my diet a few months ago and started to slowly lose weight.

After reading Mark's book I'm even more committed to following through. One thing he says that makes so much sense to me is that I should be a fat burner and not a sugar burner. How the heck can I burn fat and use that for fuel and lose any weight if I'm constantly eating carbs, sugar, and drinking Coke/Iced Tea daily (that was most of my 42 years as recently as three months ago - truly SAD).

Does anyone else feel like I do? (sorry for the Peter Frampton quote) I'd be grateful if folks would share their experiences. I still think I'm doing the right thing because I can see the physical changes, and know that all the CW has programmed me to believe is not necessarily true just because the 'experts' have been telling me this for so many years.

In related nurition news - I shop at a local Trader Joe's and found wild 'Argentinian Red Shrimp'. Never heard of it, but it's not farm raised, so I tried it. It's sweeter than most shrimp, closer in flavor to Gulf of Maine shrimp, almost lobster like and REALLY GOOD! I sauteed a few last night in a little butter and some fresh garlic - big win

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2013! Grok on!